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The New Sun

A sun made for humans
Client: Brown Bee
Country: Argentina

Sun is just an idea. Some people think it's a big yellow ball shinning up there. Or maybe, an ancestral cultural energetic power symbol. In the summer, humans like to lay down underneath it to tan themselves for too long. But, sun is not that good for your skin, better leave it to your plants.


Brown Bee introduces a new skincare era, a healthy, fresh and glowy new way of Sun. A Sun made for humans.

Brand Narrative, Advertising, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Photography Direction, Digital Composition, Editorial & Publication Design.

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5020 RCRDS

New Sony Music US Label
Client: Sony Music US
Country: United States

“Creatives all around the globe sharing and working together” These idea inspired us the design of 5020 RECORDS' visual identity, the new SONY MUSIC US LABEL, featuring some of the trendiest artists in the industry, including Tini, Residente, Beele, Nathy Peluso, Kany García and Kenia Os among others. Today’s world encourages a spirit of sharing. 5020 RCRDS provides a platform for artists to collaborate and participate together.

Naming, Brand Strategy, Brand Narrative, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Editorial & Publication Design, Digital & Traditional Media Content.

Be Whatever

First Human Skills Academy
Client: New Leaf
Country: Spain

When New Leaf entrusted us the creation of a platform for their coaching workshops, we started from the point that people often define themselves by their professions—like Joe, the doctor, or Laura, the cartoonist. Recognizing this as a somewhat limiting perspective, we saw the need to encourage individuals to envision themselves more broadly.


This sparked the concept of WHATEVER, a mindset meant to inspire people to become what they aspire to be and go after it. BE WHATEVER is a vibrant world of color and diversity, open to anyone looking to enhance their human skills for career growth.

Naming, Brand Narrative & Strategy, Art Direction, Product Developement, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Editorial & Publication Design.